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Why Managers Fail and How to Fix It

Let's talk about the hiring struggle. You know, that frantic dance where you're juggling a million tasks while trying to find the perfect person to join your team? Yeah, that one.

In my work as a recruitment process auditor, one thing I hear constantly from hiring managers is that it's not all smooth sailing. Juggling their teams, deadlines, and a never-ending stream of applications can leave them feeling swamped. And let's not forget the challenge of finding the perfect candidate – that can feel like searching for a mythical creature!

Here's the thing: when you're under pressure, mistakes happen. We might get stuck looking for someone who ticks every single box on a (slightly unrealistic) dream candidate list. Or maybe approvals take forever, turning a fast-paced search into a frustrating crawl.

And guess what? It doesn't just suck for us. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into your application, only to hear crickets. It doesn't exactly scream "dream job," right?

So, what's the fallout from a hiring fumble? Well, bad hires can cost a ton (think onboarding, lost productivity, and the awkward "see ya later" chat). Plus, a team full of misfits can bring down morale faster than a stale office pizza. And let's remember your employer brand. A negative candidate experience can spread like wildfire, making it even harder to attract top talent in the future.

But hold on, there's hope! Here's how we, as a collective hiring team (you, me, and everyone else in the trenches), can break this cycle:

  • Let's ditch the outdated tools. Imagine a world where applicant tracking systems are actually user-friendly and training on them doesn't feel like torture. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

  • Time to be real. Let's ditch the unrealistic expectations and focus on what truly matters: essential skills and cultural fit.

  • Empowerment, please! Give hiring managers the freedom to make decisions and move quickly. After all, they're the ones in the trenches interviewing these folks.

  • Sharpen those skills! Training on interviewing techniques and unconscious bias can make a world of difference in finding the best person for the job (and avoiding those awkward interview blunders).

  • Data is your friend! Let's leverage the power of data to analyze resumes and interview feedback to identify the real rockstars.

  • Focus on what you have. Investing in your current talent can be just as important as bringing in new faces.

By working together, we can create a smoother hiring process that benefits everyone. Less stress for us, a better experience for candidates, and ultimately, happier teams and stronger companies. Now that's something worth celebrating! (Maybe with some non-stale pizza?)

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