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Hire Smart, Hire Fast: Tactics for Startups

“Time is a created thing, to say 'I don't have time' is like saying 'I don't want to,” Lao Tzu's saying, teaches us that time depends on our choices. For hiring managers in startups, this means they could save time but might choose not to. It could be because they're not aware of time-saving tools or don't want to change their usual ways. Understanding that time management is linked to choices is very important. It can help hiring managers make their hiring process quicker and more efficient.

Time is an enemy when hiring? Don’t worry! To save their time, we have come up with some tactics from our experience that help. 

Tactic 1: Using Special applicant tracking systems and software

One is to use special computer programs called applicant tracking systems or hiring software such as Tacibase. These programs do things like read resumes, candidate management, etc. So, they don't have to spend as much time on paperwork and can focus on picking the best people for the job.

Tactic 2: Doing Tests and Questions Online

The other one can be before meeting candidates in person, the candidates can undergo online tests and specific questions. It will figure out which job seekers might be the best fit for the job. These tests should include things related to the job, like skills or experiences. It checks if candidates have what is needed. By doing this, hiring managers can save time and focus on talking to the people who seem most likely to do well in the job.

Tactic 3: Looking for Candidates in the Right Places

The tactic to be useful in saving time in sourcing can be looking for candidates in places where they're most likely to be found. For example, if a company needs developers, they might search on websites where programmers hang out such as Github, StackOverflow, etc. This makes it easier to find the right people for the job because you're focusing on the places where they're already available.

Tactic 4: Utilizing automated scheduling tools

The automated scheduling tools allow hiring managers to easily coordinate interview times with candidates without the back-and-forth emails, saving time and streamlining the scheduling process.

Tactic 5: Clear communication Channels 

It means making it very clear how interactions should take place with candidates during the hiring process. This includes things like email or call, and how long it might take for the company for this activity. When everyone knows how to communicate, it helps things move faster because there's no confusion about how to reach the candidate.

Let's explore an example of a company that has saved time using hiring software. Take SKIINLY Solutions Inc. as an instant. It is a small software company, that found smart ways to hire people faster. They used a special AI-powered hiring software to help them go through job applications quickly. By asking job-related questions online before meeting candidates, they could figure out who was right for the job faster. They also asked their current employees to recommend good candidates they knew. These tricks helped them hire people 30% faster, making their team stronger and happier. These tricks also saved them time to help grow their company. 

Now, that we've learned about saving time in hiring, let's understand what happens when tasks take longer than they should for startups.

1. Delayed Hiring:

For SMEs, delaying hiring means essential positions remain vacant for longer periods. This slowdown can impede progress and make it challenging for the team to accomplish tasks efficiently.

2. Increased Costs:

Longer hiring processes can lead to higher expenses. Vacant positions mean the company may need to spend more on advertising the job or paying overtime to existing employees to cover the workload.

3. Missing Out on Good People:

There is a risk of losing top talent if the hiring process takes too long. Good candidates may receive offers from other companies before the SME makes a decision, resulting in missed opportunities for hiring valuable team members.

4. Negative Employee Sentiment:

Extended vacancies can negatively impact the morale of existing employees. They may feel overburdened with additional tasks and worry about the future of the team, leading to dissatisfaction and stress.

5. Damaged Reputation:

Slow hiring processes can tarnish the reputation of SMEs. Word may spread that the company is inefficient at hiring, making it challenging to attract top talent in the future and potentially harming business prospects.

Saving time when hiring new people is super important for SMBs. By using tricks like AI-powered hiring software, doing tests and questions online, and looking for candidates in the right places, they can hire faster and better. Just like  SKIINLY Solutions Inc., SMBs can use these tricks to build strong teams and grow their companies faster.

If tasks take too long, it can cause problems for the company. Delayed hiring means important jobs stay empty, costing more money and making workers feel unhappy. Missing out on good candidates can hurt the team and the company's reputation. It's important to work efficiently to avoid these issues and keep the business running smoothly.

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