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Do you still use spreadsheets for candidate tracking? Here is a better way

We came from an engineering background and candidate tracking processes were not known to us when we started consulting for recruitment. But we had our share of managing projects and tracking progress. So we started applying similar processes and Kanban tools became an integral part of our process for recruitment.

But when we started collaborating with other recruiters and HR professionals, we realized that progress tracking happened in spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets) and collaboration happened in emails. That worked OK when job openings were fewer with our collaborators. We started to see leakages in the process with spreadsheet/email collaborators soon enough.

“Delays, missing schedules, long status meetings, repetitive status information has become the norm in the recruitment process."

Some of our challenges were missed scheduling of an interview, delays in shortlisting/scheduling, repetitive spreadsheet reports, and updates on candidates missed in email threads. The spreadsheet gives only a snapshot of the whole process and works better if you have fewer candidates. Meetings used to be more than 45 to 60 mins with every collaborator only to update the status of the recruitment process.

On the other hand, when we shared our Kanban process with our collaborators. They started needing 0 emails for collaboration, every status meeting used to finish in 15 or fewer mins because everyone already had access to the whole recruitment pipeline.

“Kanban process helped us reduce status meetings, faster responses, and kept everyone well informed.”

This gap widened over the years and we could clearly see a divide between recruiters using our process versus recruiters using email/spreadsheets for collaboration. That is when Tacitbase was born. Well, it wasn’t named Tacitbase yet but the idea was to build a system with the process that we built over the period. Now, we are here with our solution for all the recruiters and HR professionals.

We are in the initial stages of building the whole idea but the base is ready to use at

We would like you to try it out and share your feedback!

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