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Tacitbase: LinkedIn Sourcing Extension for Tech Hiring

Tech startups face a distinct challenge in their recruitment processes. From sifting through a myriad of applicants to staying abreast of the latest trends in talent sourcing and grappling with the cumbersome task of manual data entry, the road to finding the perfect candidate is anything but straightforward.

But worry no more! A revolutionary solution is here: the Tacitbase Sourcing Extension. This tool is designed to streamline the recruitment process and boost productivity for tech startups. Featuring seamless candidate data import, broad LinkedIn compatibility, and intelligent data mapping, the Tacitbase Sourcing Extension is a game-changer for hiring managers on the hunt for elite talent.

Simplify Your Sourcing Efforts

The Tacitbase Sourcing Extension revolutionizes the way you add candidates to your database. It's not merely a time-saver; it transforms your workflow into a more streamlined, efficient, and effective process. All candidate details are organized systematically, making them easy to retrieve, thus eliminating the tedious manual search through resumes or databases.

For tech startups where time is of the essence, this efficiency is invaluable. It minimizes the manual labor involved in sourcing, freeing you up to engage with prospective candidates more meaningfully. With all pertinent candidate information at your fingertips, making swift, informed decisions becomes the standard.

Effortless Candidate Data Import

With the enhanced Chrome extension offered by the Tacitbase Sourcing Plugin, importing candidate profiles into your Tacitbase database is a breeze. A single click is all it takes to capture a candidate's profile, ensuring you never let top talent slip through the cracks. This feature not only saves time but also ensures you have a comprehensive view of each candidate's qualifications for more accurate assessments.

Maximize LinkedIn for Sourcing

LinkedIn's pivotal role in candidate sourcing is undisputed. Tacitbase's Sourcing Plugin is meticulously engineered to integrate seamlessly with LinkedIn's latest updates, maintaining compatibility and ensuring uninterrupted access to a vast pool of potential candidates.

Intelligent Data Organization

The Smart Data Mapping feature of the Tacitbase Sourcing Plugin is a standout, automating the organization of candidate information from LinkedIn and database fields. This smart feature is a boon for rapidly growing startups, saving significant time and allowing you to focus on candidate engagement.

Elevate your recruitment game with the Tacitbase Sourcing Extension. Bid farewell to the drudgery of manual data entry and embrace a streamlined, efficient sourcing process that accelerates your path to building the ultimate team.

Getting Started with Tacitbase Sourcing Extension

To begin harnessing the power of the Tacitbase Sourcing Extension:

Tacitbase Sourcing Plugin for LinkedIn

  • Confirm by clicking “Add Extension”.

How to add Tacitbase sourcing plugin to chrome.

  • Locate the extension icon in your Chrome browser's top-right corner

  • Click the Tacitbase icon and log in with your Tacitbase credentials. Click “Login” to proceed.

You're now set to enhance your recruitment workflow significantly. The extension allows for straightforward exportation of candidates from LinkedIn and other job boards directly into your Tacitbase account, streamlining your hiring process for maximum efficiency.

  • To add a LinkedIn candidate to your Tacitbase database, simply navigate to their profile, click on "Contact info,"

linkedIn Profile

  • Select the Tacitbase Sourcing Extension icon, log in, and then choose or create a label for the new candidate. Finally, click on “Export Candidate” to enhance your organization’s Talent Pool.

How to export candidate directly from LinkedIn to Tacitbase candidate database.

Embrace the future of recruitment with Tacitbase's Sourcing Extension, your ally in the quest for top-tier talent.

Tacitbase Sourcing Extension stands out as your beacon of efficiency and innovation in recruitment. It's more than just a tool—it's your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of hiring, saving you invaluable time and streamlining your processes to focus on what truly matters: building a team that propels your startup to new heights. With its user-friendly interface, seamless LinkedIn integration, and smart data organization, Tacitbase is the solution you've been searching for to overcome the hurdles of manual recruitment tasks. As you look forward to shaping the future of your company, let Tacitbase take the reins of your sourcing efforts, allowing you to dedicate your energy to fostering growth and innovation.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking hiring managers who have already transformed their recruitment strategy with Tacitbase Sourcing Extension, and start building your dream team today.

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