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Looking for a Smoother Hiring Process? Try Tacitbase!

Are you working in hiring and feeling pulled between LinkedIn, hiring software, and talking directly with candidates? It's tough out there! While these tools help find great people, let's talk about one big problem: hiring software can be a headache.

Imagine getting lost in a big computer program like hiring software. It's got lots of buttons and menus, and it's easy to spend too much time clicking around instead of talking to potential hires.

And then there's the boring part: typing in all the candidate info and keeping it up to date. It's important, but it can take up too much time when you could be talking to people instead.

Sometimes, the software can be too strict. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole! You want to do things your way, but the software says no.

And don't get us started on trying to make all the different software tools work together. It's like solving a puzzle with pieces that don't fit!

In the rush to be efficient, we might forget the human side of hiring. Talking face-to-face is still super important.

But here's some good news: Tacitbase is here to help.

Tacitbase knows that every company is different. It lets you do things your way, so you can find the best people for your team.

Say goodbye to email overload and complicated software logins! Tacitbase works with Slack, so you can talk to people without leaving your favorite messaging app.

And Tacitbase doesn't just help you find people. It also gives you info about how your hiring process is going, so you can make it even better.

Finding great people isn't always easy, but with Tacitbase, it's a lot simpler. So why wait? Give it a try and see who you can find for your team!

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